Wed Night Rumble Secret Rules

And it’s time for the Rumble to Begin!  Tonight’s secret rule is a simple on… ONLY RNG 2 units, and no more than 1 copy of each grimoire in your file.  NOW, this is a Star battle, so the more wins the better, all the more pressure to get your File built FAST!  Good Luck!

The Four Kings and the Road to the Grand Championship

Who are the FOUR KINGS?  Well, we’re having four qualifiers for the GRAND CHAMPIONSHIP, and this year we’re going to have one per month, each one crowning that month’s king.  First up, is the KING OF SEPTEMBER, who will be decided LABOR DAY WEEKEND.  (that’s this upcoming weekend…)

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Dandan’s Poker Pack

We’re bringing back another shop event from earlier this year.  We’re going to be running it from MONDAY THE 5TH to SUNDAY THE 11TH.

 It’s called the Poker Pack, and this time it’s presented by DANDAN, someone you probably don’t want to cheat at cards with… he could punch you, the guy next to you, and then maybe punch you AGAIN (or rest, depending on how much damage he’s taken…)

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Wednesday Night Rumble This Week

Who remembers these?  The Wednesday Night Rumble is a short, simple tournament that gives everyone a chance to experience high-pressure File-building.  Anyone chan join and pick up a few Point Cards in no time…

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SET9 Collector’s Challenge Reminder

Here’s a reminder that Collector’s Challenge event will be closed by the end of August.

You still have 3 more days to complete SET9 and chance to get the 3 copies of following new EX card “Claudia”.


Blackrose / Claudia
subtype Warrior
HP 40 AT 40 AGI 3 RNG 1
Soul Skill: Do[damage:20]to two random enemy units. Rival Iczer gets -1 SP at the beginning of next turn for each unit of HP 0 or below.
Action SKill: SP1 Do [damage:AT]to one random enemy unit in range. If enemy unit’s HP is 0 or below, this unit gets [AT+10] and [AGI+1].

If you’ve completed your SET9 collection, send a mail to to alert us. 

Jerry’s Tourney Day one is over

Desipte the million or so people on the east cost without power, we still got a turnout about as big as last time!  Tomorrow’s the real test for those in the New York City area, though.  It takes a REAL ICZER to duel in a hurracane!  Compeition was pretty stiff today, you’ll need at least 22 stars to make it into the top 3 tomorrow.  But remember, just three battles can get you 5 Point Cards and a copy of Nine Ball Assassin Jerry!