Set9 is up!

Set9 is up! Gold box and Silver box are in the shop now!!

By Powers Combined Event Problem

If you did not get the By Our Powers Combined prize, I’m very sorry, there are lot of people how didn’t receive the prize from this event.


During the maintenance on the 2nd of August, I will give out 3 copies of the four multi-sphere cards to everyone who qualified but didn’t receive.

And as a token of good faith, we would like to give you 300 gran.


Did you get your prize? OK, but you also get the 300 gran!

Login Problem UPDATES

A number of problems causing login issues have been fixed.  Issues with space ‘ ‘ and dash ‘-‘ have resolved, as have some case sensitive issues.  If you still have login issues, please contact support.

Announcement about PotCash that has nothing to do with SET9

IMPORTANT!  As many people know, it is PotCash policy to only $50 of transactions per customer per day.  This is probably as a security mesure because Credit Card theaves tend to charge as much as possible in one day, and then never again.  Anyway, it seems like they may be willing to change this policy for us soon, but while we are working out the details, I figured I should give you a heads up…

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