Garter Lotto

This is the last weekend for the Garter Collecting extravaganza, and that means we need a Shop Event for Friday, Saturday, and Sunday!  That’s right, it’s the Garter up Lotto!

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Some of you may have noticed that I’ve been off working on one of my special projects (no, not Set 9… although I’ve been plugging away at that too) and mumbling about my endless quest to change where the servers are located.  Now, I can finally make our big announcement of the summer.

And before anyone asks, yes, GaoGaiGirl, myself, and to some extent Lupos and Arakis will be remaining as GM’s.

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Underdog List Updated

For those of you Underdogging, keep in mind the List updated last night.  I’m happy to say, that the total number of underdogs in play is way up, meaning the bottom 75% is, on average, getting more play (the gap of rich vrs poor has shrunk) If only the US economy was so lucky!

Highlights include Mid/big Falkow, which is on the rise, and Dual Gunslinger has left the list, hitting the top 25%.  In other news, Verlaat has dropped out of the top 25% and is now an Underdog, along with Wiess who’s just barely holding on.  Maybe these next few weeks will be a good time for Endless Underdog Morning?


Faction Packs are up in the shop

Just a reminder, Faction Packs are up in the shop.  They have 10 cards, a tiny card pool, a guaranteed 3-star, and a cap of 3 of one card, all in one pack for 200 Gran.  It doesn’t get any better than that!


Faction Pack Party Time

Remember Faction Packs?  Remember how we did a set, then later we did another set… then we went back and did the first set again.  I wonder why we never went back to the second?  Oh, yes. Pixies…


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Gold Boxes Cycle Tomorrow

Just a reminder, tomorrow the Gold Boxes will Cycle over to SETS 3 and 4!  If you want sets 5 and 6 in Gold Box Form, today is your last day to get them!

Garter Collecting Will Start Tomorrow

Due to a family emergency, I wasn’t able to prep everything I needed to start the Collecting event today, so it will start tomorrow and go one extra day.  Note, the Battle Brides event is still going on (ends at noon EST) because it goes until the end of the weekly ranking period, and prizes will be given out afterwords!