Challenge of the Fortnight: Legendary Unicorn results

We’re off and running once more with Challenge of the Fortnight.  Starting the sphere cycle with Refess, our card of choice this time was Legendary Unicorn.  He’s pretty much there for one reason only, and that’s to put the hurt on mid- and upper-level cards.  Alteil largely revolves around units of level 1-3, though, so figuring out how to still make the unicorn useful in such an environment was a key approach here.

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Seasonal Lotto Details

The Seasonal Lotto starts tomorrow in the CARD SHOP, and will include 7 new cards never before available in a Seasonal Lotto:

Guard Leader / Afeemina    
2nd Dragonrider / Resource  
Magic Doll -Fencer-     
Mermaid Princess / Emana     
Mage Paladin / Destrier   
Pixie Heroine / Mitzette  
Pixie Dual Wielder    

Also, note that while many of these cards have been given out as PRIZES, Emana, Destrier and Fencer have never been available before in any form!

Now, the rest of the card pool…


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Seasonal Lottery This Weekend

It’s been requested a few times now, so it looks like we’re about ready for another SEASONAL LOTTO!  We’ll be running it in the Card Shop Friday, Saturday and Sunday (the 29th-1st).


Free Evil Egg Avatar up in the Shop

As an apology about how hard it was to get Evil Eggs during the contest, GGG has made you all an Evil Egg Avatar Pet, and I’ve put it up in the shop for free!  I’ll keep it up until the end of the day tomorrow.

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Memorial Packs and Boxes Tomorrow

I need to double check some numbers, so the Memorial Packs and Boxes won’t go up until tomorrow (TUESDAY).  To make it up to you, they’ll be some more fun later today…