Sphere Lotto is UP!

Yep, it’s there.  And if you need some Gran to spend on it, don’t forget to try the Interactive Tutorial for 300 free gran!


300 Free Gran for Everyone

Strange, but true!  The new Interactive Tutorial is up, you can find buttons for it on the Game Tab and the My Iczer Page.  Completing it for the first time gives you 300 Gran.  Since it has not existed before today, that means everyone and every account can do it and get the free Gran!

Game Upgrade

We’re going to be upgrading some parts of the back end, the Shop and the Tutorial this week.  They’ll be an extra-long maintenance on the 24th from 2 AM to 6:15 AM EST (server time, check the clock to the left).  

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Art Contest Prizes

The virtual prizes, gran and Point Cards have been given out.  You should all have them now!


Faction Packs Last Day

Today, Monday the 21st, will be the Faction Packs last day.  These have been a big hit, so get ’em if you haven’t already!  They can be found in the Shop under EX Packs, and you can get the details here.



One of the greatest heroines on the surface of Lavato, Cassandra, fights against the evil Galdirea with her dual magic swords: Arken the holy sword and Difora the Soulblade.

But fifteen years ago she was just a little girl, raised by her sister Rosa until a fateful encounter with the evil Ork King Grebados. On the run, she was saved by the most legendary mercenary of the age, Black Dragonfly Francis. So begins her story, and the story of her legendary swords.

Card 1

Angel Knight / Silverion

Beneficent Priestess

Light Magic Archer

Folrart Hammer Soldier

Girl Combat Priest

Card 2
Card 1

Black Dragonfly / Francis

Cursed Armor Knight


Lycan Nue

Crest Spy

Card 2
Card 1

Ork King / Grebados

Giant Ork

Mage Pixy

Heierrat Spy

Smart Ork

Card 2
Card 1

Hunter / Rosa

Wizard Archer of Regus

Lightning Wyvern


Sky Staff Sorceress

Card 2