Arakis’ Quest: the Level 3 Quest results

Let’s be honest.  This was an easy Quest, as this contest goes.  Level 3 cards are quite abundant in the Folrart meta as it is, so it didn’t take much tinkering to restructure existing files into contest entries.  That’s a big reason why I’m happy something not so run of the mill ended up winning.

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Snowflake Lotto Rarity UP

The Snowflakes have been added to the LOTTO in the CARD SHOP.  And, the RARITY IS UP.  You’ll be scoring higher rarity cards in the card lotto all weekend long, plus you can get a few extra snowflakes to complete your collections.


Super Rewards has been Added to Cashier

Super Rewards has been added to the cashier. If you’re a free player, you can use the Super Rewards service to get free Gran! Please read the forum launch thread HERE an the Forum info and reporting thread HERE.


Snowflake Lottery this Weekend

So I was thinkin’, and my brain didn’t immediately explode so I tried thinkin’ some more… Maybe tomorrow’s launch of Super Rewards would be more exciting if you had something to buy.  I mean, there just isn’t enough to BUY is there?  So how about a lottery event?

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Arakis’ Quest Reminder – the Level 3 Quest 1/10/11-1/24/11

Here’s a reminder for you that the deadline for the current Arakis’ Quest, the Level 3 Quest, is this coming Monday (1/24) at 12 noon EST. Please be sure to have your entry in and all issues with it resolved by that time. Though I don’t think any entry so far has had any trouble following the rules. They’re pretty simple this time, after all.