New Years Ranking Eve

Good evening america, this isn’t Dick Clark (is he even still doing that show?). Welcome to New Years Ranking Eve!


So as some of you may know we recently had a bit of snow in the north eastern part of the USA. NY city has been, for lack of a better term, fudged up! I was one of only 3 people in our whole office Monday. Yesterday I think we had 10. Good times! Tomorrow is another half day (yay holidays!) so I figure if I’m ever going to get a ranking post done now is the time eh? Good old wednesday ranking post. At least I keep you on your toes!

As always anyone who has fought in the arena and knows who Dick Clark is will receive at least 10 gran. Listed below are your top 5 iczers, top 3 guilds, guilds who leveled up and guilds that became official.



  1. Whire3
  2. worthing
  3. smallfish
  4. Kore
  5. BlackSunRx


  1. Taiwan Boxers
  2. Order of the Black Knights
  3. ~mortem masters~


  1. Miff Divers
  2. Gensokyo


  1. Kings of Chaos

Set 8 Press Release

Seeing as the bug reports have died down (actually, there were hardly any this time) it’s time to announce Set 8 to the world.  Here is the press release:
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Set 8 Page

With the holidays and the snow we’re a little behind, but we’ve got a main page for SET 8 up, complete with the trailer, preview cards and story info.  It’s right here.

RP Ranking Set 7 Revealed

The advent of SET 8 means the age of Set 7 has ended.  With each new set comes a new playing environment so we reset the Rating Points (RP) every time.  Then, the RP Ranking from the previous set become permanently enshrined on the Rankings page.  To get to the ranking page, you can go to Game Info -> Rankings from the main web site, or just click on the header of one of the ranking gizmos on the right side of the page.  Now, let’s see how things turned out this set


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Christmas 5 of 14 Reminder

Just a reminder that if you didn’t get to play on five different days last week, you can still do it this week.  The Christmas 5 of 7 has been extended to 5 of 14. Just play on five different days before Sunday to qualify for our awesome prizes!  For those of you who have no idea what I’m talking about, check the main article here.


Card List Set8

Because we always have to mess something up, we don’t have the jpg versions of the cards handy for the card list.  They are on my computer at work, which I won’t have access to until monday.  So, Lupos has updated the card list but has put blank art in there.  So you can see how powerful Set 8 is, but not how pretty.

RP Reset

You may have noticed that your RP is now 1500. No, your little brother didn’t steal your account and lose a lot (again) it is because it’s a new set.  Just as ranking is weekly, RP is by Set.  So, there is a Set1 RP list, a Set 2 one, etc.  Don’t worry, your RP will be preserved under the Rankings button… just as soon as Monday rolls around and we all get into the office.