EX 7: Eyes of Beltorat  

EX 7: Eyes of Beltorat is actually like two EX sets in one! The first four cards are created by character designer Shunya Yamashita, the artist of Dragoneye Ainhazard. He’s published countless artbooks, designed several lines of PVC figures and worked as a character designer on video games, including Depth Fantasia, Final Fantasy XII and Valkyrie Profile 2. His distinct and sexy style has earned him fans the world over. These four cards make up his artist’s pack, our second artist pack after EX6 by Katsuya Terada. Normally the second set of 4 cards would re-use artwork from older cards, but instead we grabbed the next Japanese set, which chronicles the stories of four legendary figures from the ancient past of Lavato.


The small kingdom of Beltorat is known as the Red Dragon Kingdom because it was built in the territory of some of the strongest fire dragons on Lavato. But its legendary king, Dragoneye Ainhazard, began as an adventurer, wandering from kingdom to kingdom, performing great deeds. Along the way he had his faithful healer, Colette, his savvy rogue Mulna, and his powerful mage Mildoreo. His strongest rival, the swordsman Dyson, confronted him at every turn. Now as king, all of those powerful individuals he met as an adventurer help him run his kingdom.


At the beginning of Lavato’s legend, when the four gods still walked the lands, four powerful individuals created stories that are still passed down to this day. Kaldrao the Sage fought against the first incarnation of Batora personally. The blind and mute Lria tried to pick up where Batora left off after the forces of evil retreated. Jack Winston left his legacy for Heierrat and the Grand Surface: the art of firearms. The magic warrior Mikasha created the ultimate bastion of magic: the Magic Library that Regus would later be built around. Lavato today finds its roots in these four epic figures!

Card 1

Red Priestess / Colette

White Sage / Kaldrao

Cait Sith

Folrart Veteran Paladin

Cure Light

Card 2
Card 1

Black Assassin / Mulna

Observer / Lria

Crest Veteran Swordsman

Moonlight Assassin

Death’s Embrace

Card 2
Card 1

Silver Swordartist / Dyson

Strongest Gun / Jack Winston

Fire Dragon

Herrat Dual Gunslinger

Miracle Fruit

Card 2
Card 1

Blue Dragon Mage / Mildoreo

Magic Seal Expert / Mikasha


Mirror Shield Soldier

Sea Serpent

Card 2