Halloween Day Card Giveaway

That’s right, we’ve added yet another new seasonal Halloween Card and we’re giving it away for free to all our users on Halloween!  To get your card just log into your account on Sunday the 31st and check the MAIL TAB (in game mail) for a Serial Key. Warning! The serial number will only be valid on Sunday!

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Pumpkin Carving Last Chance

Today’s your LAST CHANCE to carve a pumpkin!  Remember to send them to gaogaigirl@alteil.com

Winners will be announced MONDAY.

Arakis’ Quest Reminder – the Alternator Quest 10/18/10-11/1/10

Here’s a quick reminder that the deadline for the current Arakis’ Quest, the Alternator Quest, is this coming Monday (11/1) at 12 noon EST.  Be sure to submit your entry and resolve any issues with it by that time.  Entries have been coming in at a record slow pace, and we still have several to go before we hit the magic number ten.  Therefore, those point cards are currently there for the taking.  If you’ve been thinking of entering but haven’t decided, now might be a good time.

Animal Instincts 5 of 7

5 of 7 next week!  Okay, let’s take a look at November holidays… Let’s see, next week is National Animal Shelter Appreciation Week, and also Give Wildlife a Break Week.  The 1st is National Go Cook for your Pets Day.  Well, now I know how I’m spending my Monday.  More importantly, I also see a pattern here… all of these titles have both vowels and consonants in them!  …and have to do with animals. 

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Seasonal Lottery UP and PUMPKIN CARDS

The seasonal lottery is up in the CARD SHOP, and for your convenience it has a LOTTERY BUTTON on the left.  This lottery includes PUMPKIN CARDS, which are really just Point Cards in disguise. (they will revert to normal Point Cards after the event.

Extended Maintenance

Extended Maintenance will be from 6:00 to 6:30 AM EST while Japan sets up the Seasonal Lottery.

Friday’s Seasonal Lottery Card List REVEALED!

As I promised, here is the complete card lottery list for this Friday, the 29th.  The card lottery will start then and run all weekend!  If there are any cards on this list you’re interested in, playing the Card Lottery with its heavily restricted card pool will have a much better chance of landing you the card!  Also, pay special attention to the last two cards on this list, that have never been available before!


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Pumpkin Carving Reminder

Just a reminder that the pumpkin carving contest entries are due friday.  Also, remember that the entries must be Alteil related somehow.  To sweeten the pot a bit we’re adding another prize, PUMPKIN HEAD avatars to everyone who enters!

No SP Community Tourney

Our latest community tournament comes from Aquasfire, who challenges his participants to make a multi-sphere deck that fields at least one level 5 unit without using SP generating grims or souls.  Sign up and check out all the details on the forum thread here.  The tournament will be held on OCT 30 6 PM EST in the TRAINING arena.  There will be a 2 Point Card participation prize to all users.

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