Updates! To stuff!

We’re all recovering from our adventure in Canada, but I did manage to give weekly gran for rankings.  Lupos will do the rankings post a little later, and also give out prizes for last week’s Avatar promotion.

Also, there are only 300 codes for a free EX: Light Magic Archer left on Free Browser Gamer (dot com).  If you haven’t gotten one yet, you better hurry!

Free EX Card Free Browser Gamer Promotion is Up

Better late than never, eh?  If you haven’t gotten a code yet from Lupos’ twitter feed, you can get yours now at www.freebrowsergamer.com right now!  For those of you who have been living under a Rock Golem, these promotional codes are for a free all new EX Card, EX: Light Magic Archer.  She’s a level 1 who can be splashed into any color, and is not to be missed by any level user, beginner to expert!

Another Code Bites the Dust

For those who haven’t checked or missed it I just took down another code for the EX: Light Magic Archer. We are still posting these and will do so throughout the day and tomorrow (maybe Monday). So be sure to check our Facebook and Twitter for more codes later and follow/fan us while your at it if you haven’t already! :)

Update on EX: LMA

Not exactly sure when our new EX girl is going up on freebrowsergamer, haven’t heard from them yet.  However, now that we’ve gotten set up here at Anime North, Lupos has begun giving her out on Facebook and Twitter.

So look alive! 

New Avatars Available

OK, the new Avatars are up!  Remember you can buy any avatars, not only the new ones, to participate in the Avatar promotion.  Also, a number of the new helmets are under HAIR instead of accessories because they don’t work at all with hair, so might as well put them in that slot so you can combo them with some other accessories.

 Here’s the list:

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New NPC’s

Tomorrow we will add two more higher level NPCs, one Falkow Sea Serpent / Engaging and one straightforward Lawtia Undead.  I think they’ll make for good practice when tuning up your decks.  They will be found in the Single Player Arena after maintenance.  Also, I improved the AI a little on the Return spell. Nothing drastic, but it should be a little better now. This has already been implemented, so you should see some improvement on the NPC’s that use Return.

5 of 7 Turtle Power WINNERS

The results are in, and our Grand Prize Winner of 3 Ladols is:


And our runners up:

Congrats to everyone!  By now, everyone should have gotten their participation prize of 4 Point Cards and a GAT as well.