It Wouldn’t be an Alteil Tournament without a Bug

Only a minor one, I swear!  Okay, so it turns out we haven’t actually turned on the tournament Arena since that big server move last August… yeah, so I did notice that the buttons for “Tournament Info” and “About Tournament” are broken. They’re imbedded in the game, so only the Japanese can fix them, but they’re not really important.  All the info you need about how to use the tournament are in the Rule Book and the posts about it.  Let’s hope there are no more surprises…

Cashier Working

Yesterday we initiated a minor bug fix on the Cashier, which, as is our standard operating procedure had the slight side effect of causing the Cashier to basically stop working all together. Anyway, it’s all better now. Anyone who bought Gran should have it. If you’ve got any more problems are questions, PM or email a GM immediately (

FREE All-Cards Tournament Fri, Sat and Sun

As you may know, we’re offering Gold Boxes in the shop for earlier sets for our “Gold Box Cycle” event. But what about those older cards? Are they worth investing in now?  If only there was a way you could try every card in the game to see what those cards are like. It would also help deciding about the new EX Packs (EX 6… also now in the shop).  More importantly, there is no better way to defeat a difficult deck in Alteil then to play it yourself and learn its weaknesses. Often an enemy is just barely holding his field together when you think he’s walking all over you. After a few matches in his shoes, you’ll realize how you could have turned the tables on him. But again, most enemy decks involve some cards you don’t have… so the question is, how can you try them out?  And lastly, you’re a beginner, trying to decide what Sphere you’d like or what kind of deck you’d like to build toward for the long term, but how can you know?

With all of these important things in mind, we present our first official tournament in a long while… the All Cards Tournament!

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Arakis’ Quest – the Illustrator Team Quest 4/26/10-5/10/10

We’re going to try some thing a bit different.  It’s a slight variation on the idea of Arakis’ Quest, something I’m going to call a Team Quest.  What this means is, all (or in some cases, a subset of) currently released cards will be allowed, but they’ll bedivided into “teams”.  When you craft your entry, you’ll need to choose one of these teams and only use cards from it.  In honor of the recently- released EX 6, which focuses on the work of artist Katsuya Terada, this Team Quest will be based on card art, specifically, which illustrator drew each card.


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High HP Community Tournament Results

The results are in and another community tournament has come to a close. Since the theme this time around was High HP, it’s no wonder that most of the decks were Refess, although the winner was Falkow (no Serpent, though) and second place was Gowen — a Wabel deck, no less (so uncommon I’m sure most of you will have to go look that up in the card list to see what it even means…)!

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The Free Earth Day Avatar is up in the shop under BACKPACKS. Backpack is the layer between the background and everything else. It’s up today only so go get it!