Arakis’s Quest – the 2* Quest 3/29/10-4/12/10


It’s time to get back to basics.  Many of you probably remember that the first Arakis’ Quest was the one where you could only use 1* rarity cards.  This one’s going to be similar, the only difference being you must use only 2* cards.


There isn’t a whole lot more to say, but this Quest should prove interesting because unlike 1* cards, which are often the backbone of an effective file, 2*s tend to be a mix between similar backbone cards and tech/support cards.  In any case, the restriction of course also applies to soul cards and grimoires.  All 30 cards must be 2* rarity.  Otherwise, anything goes.

There’s no bonus prize for this Quest, but we’ll get back to those next time around.  If you’ve never entered a Quest before, be sure to check out the main contest page for general info on formatting and such.  Get your existing or theoretical entry together and send it to me at  You have until noon EST on Monday, 4/12, to submit, and please note that if there are any issues with your entry, they will need to be fully resolved before the deadline.  Please note as well that I am no longer going to allow any resubmissions except in the event of errata or new card releases that affect cards allowed by the current Quest.  So make sure your entry is finalized before you submit it.  Once I’ve tested it, it cannot be altered in any way.  Best of luck!


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