Arakis’ Long Range Quest Results

As it turns out, Alteil has plenty of strategies still available when all you have to work with are ranged units. While fragility is often an issue, there are plenty of long-range cards that pack a mean punch and can hang on long enough to get the job done.

It was nice to see certain cards show up that don’t tend to see much use in Folrart. These cards have lots of potential, but they’re often overshadowed by other strategies and/or their rarity. Raste, Fomuna, and Ladol in particular made many appearances in this Quest, and it was refreshing to see some of their potential explored in this environment. Variants of the infamous DEFS showed up as well, though the focus was far more on Sea Serpent than on any other card.

Our winner, however, was something of a dark horse. It goes for the lycanthropic approach of tanking with a card that (hopefully) never dies. Meanwhile, there’s plenty of good support on the field and enough heavy hitters to keep the pressure on the opponent. It’s good old fashioned Endless Night, minus Eskatia, with some good support that includes a card that sees very little if any Folrart usage:

Iczer: LoneKnight
File Name: none


  1. Girl Combat Priest
  2. Spell Analyst / Diondora
  3. Lady of the Megiddo / Belfyna
  4. Assassin
  5. Alraune


  • 3 EX: Nightwalker / Riza
  • 3 Lycanthrope [Leonardo]
  • 2 Lycanthrope [Lillith]
  • 1 Lycanthrope [Legion]
  • 3 Succubus
  • 3 Darkness Mirror / Aegis
  • 1 Night Singer / Miandela
  • 2 Girl Druid
  • 2 Shade
  • 1 Warning Knife
  • 2 Archer Pixy
  • 1 The Magician / Primrose
  • 1 Miracle Fruit


  1. shearwinds
  2. Dean
  3. TLHM
  4. Godric
  5. Mevee

This is a fairly standard, but effective EN approach. It starts out with EX Riza in the second row, to make sure that the following turn will always be nighttime. Following him is Leonardo up front to be an unkillable powerhouse tank. Then in back goes Lillith for extra killing power (some of it’s DF-bypassing, too). Riza then keeps it nighttime, and buffs Leo’s HP so that he won’t have to eat up as much SP reviving. If Riza is ever killed or incapacitated before he can use his skill, the three copies of Succubus are there to force it to be night next turn anyway. Succubus is handy to have on the field for her Nightmare skill against SP-hoarding opponents, and she and the Shades make for good Assassin fodder later in the game.

The support units consist of Aegis, Girl Druid, and Miandela. They can be difficult to keep alive, but provided they survive, they get to wreck havoc with the opponent’s field, buff your own, and help to counter engage effects such as Enormous Frog. The Gowen cards are included to help protect against big units and return cards like Cyclone. The soul card lineup further assists in putting pressure on the opponent, with plenty of disruptive effects. Belfyna is there to help give you back copies of EX Riza, Shades, and Succubi.

As with any EN build, there are weaknesses here to consider. If not properly countered, a Cyclone can ruin this whole setup. That’s probably the single biggest threat. Damage grims can cause problems too, especially the field-wiping variety. For this reason, wise SP management is crucial. This can make it hard to play all the cards you’ll want/need, but that’s part of the approach with this kind of Lawtia build. One nice thing about this file is that no unit has an AGI higher than 3. This makes it much safer vs. Elite Fencer of Regus. Who knew that Aegis’ AGI nerf several sets ago could be a buff in some cases?

Thanks to all who entered, and congrats to our winner and finalists. The number of entries was down a bit this time, but it was still a full healthy contest. The next Quest starts next week, so be on the lookout for it.


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