Arakis’ Quest – The Long Range Quest 2/1/10 – 2/15/10

When setting up field presence in Alteil, one of the most basic principles upon which many files operate is that you should have a strong front line. Usually, these front line cards are units with a RNG stat of 1. This way, both front lines tend to beat on each other, and the rest of the cards on the field are for support of some kind. What happens if we take away all those short-range cards…?

For this Quest, you can use any unit card you like unless it has a base RNG of 1 or 0. This means all grimoires are allowed (even those which affect RNG), and all units and characters are allowed provided their base RNG is 2 or higher. This rule applies to soul cards as well. No soul card can be a unit or character with RNG 0 or 1. Please ignore the effects of any rankups or other skills that alter RNG, and focus on the base RNG value for each card when determining whether it can be legally included.

Luckysvn777 gets the bonus prize for this Quest, so he’ll have to sit this one out. Things shouldn’t be too restrictive this time, but the absence of most of the game’s tanks will make survivability more of a challenge than usual. Check out the main contest page for further general info, and send your existing or theoretical entry to me at  You have until noon EST on Monday, 2/15, to submit. Arrows away!

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