Epic Win Contest

Epic Win Contest

OK, so now everyone has the Trial Membership for the Theater Tab, we better DO something fun with it before they start expiring. Here’s the Epic Win contest (note… you don’t actually have to win the game to win the contest), submit a URL from the Theater Tab with a REPLAY of a crazy entertaining battle. Estoma with 10,000 AT? Four Dragon Emperors on the field? Winning with Living Dead? Then, POST the replay of the battle IN THIS THREAD with a short description.

We’ll have to make the deadline Tuesday night so we can get this judged before Trials start expiring on Wednesday afternoon.

PRIZES: 1st Place 20 Point Cards and +3 Theater Tab Slots.
2-5th Place 10 Point Cards and +2 Theater Tab Slot.
All participants get 5 Point Cards.

SPECIAL: Since it is a lot harder to come up with an entertaining battle if you’re a beginner, if you pull off a win (or at least a good comeback run) with your mod starter against a high leveler’s File (or at least a File with a lot of rares in it, that counts as well. If the match has one exceptional move or one specific moment you gave the enemy OS syndrome, you might want to include the key turn # in the description.

ALSO: We know that there seems to be a consistent issue with playback, meaning that for some users it always works, for some it never works, and for others it works every time for a day, then never for the next day. We’re working on it. Anyway, as long as you save the Replay and send the URL to us, even if you can’t see it, we can and it will count for the contest.

ADDITIONALLY: The bonus Theater Tab slots are permanent additions to your profile. If you ever become a Premium user for any reason, you will have your bonus slots.

We’re Starting Over Like Produce… Fresh

We had a few bugs and issues with our achievement system and we’ve decided to wipe the records clean. You can keep all your prizes, a little gift from us to you. The quests are fresh, we’ve cleaned your achievement e-mails except for your first e-mail from Lapierre Sensei to not make more confusion. E-mail edgarfigaro@alteil.com if you have an technical issues or problems and we will look into them.

Team the GM

Instant Replay Feature

Okay, this isn’t the most mind blowing new thing ever, but somehow this feature got past me in the chaos of the morning, and since many of our users are non-paying users, I thought this might interest someone (maybe). 

SAVING replays is a premium feature, but PLAYING back an Instant Replay is not. So, only Members or Trial Members get the Save button at the end of their battles, but everyone gets the Replay button. That means you can Replay a battle as many times as you want until you return to the Arena.  So what’s the point of that? First of all, if you missed a chance to screen cap a guy who was being cheap or cheating, it’s no problem. If you’re learning, you can use it to review what the enemy did. Most importantly, though, is that everyone can record a duel and post it to you-tube using their favorite video capture program, but how do you know in advance if a duel was worth the trouble to capture?  Now if you have an awesome duel you can just Replay and record.


Premium Cashier

Just a quick FYI, the cashier is now accesable to users all again and premium purchases should be working. All you have to do to get premium features is buy at least 1100 gran. That’s it. No extra cost. No extra work to do. If you spend as little as 10$ a month on Alteil anyway then you’ll have premium features for ever. If you purchase more you get more and later purchases will just add to your total (extend your expiration dates). So that means you big spenders will basically be “premium 4 life“. 😉

 As always this is a new system and while we have tested the heck out of it, issues do crop up. If you have any issues with the cashier please email admin@alteil.com and let us know. Operators (me) are standing by!

Premium Features in Details

As some of you may have noticed by now, the Premium Features are now active. They do not cost anything additional, but only those who use the Cashier Tab will get them. In addition, there is a FREE TRIAL of the Theatre Tab, which is already available to everyone.  Here are the details:

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Intro to Alteil Quest is a Go!

Yes, that’s right, today’s big announcement is the Introductory Quest. Why, were you expecting something else? You see, I TOLD everyone that the surprise for today wouldn’t be the Premium Features (Logically, with last night’s posts it wasn’t a surprise.) I never lie. Now, go spend money on our game, it’ll make unicorns happy.

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Disregard Premium Features

This morning, after the 6 hour maintenance, there will be notices all over the site about so called ‘Premium Features.’  Do not be fooled! These links will send you to the Cashier, where there will be NO Premium activation functionality (although, in a TOTALLY unrelated note, the cashier will go down around 9 AM while we add some COMPLETELY UNRELATED functionality (really))*.

And to dispel any totally BASELESS rumors, Premium Features are NOT the surprise we have planned tomorrow. We mean it!

 If you successfully disregard tomorrow morning’s notices about Premium Features, there will be CAKE.

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We’re Testing Stuff

We’re working on some stuff in the game. If you experience any slowdown, please attribute it to us improving the game.

Big news is coming folks. Stay tuned.

Server Maintenance Tuesday Night

We will be shutting the servers down from MIDNIGHT TONIGHT until 6 AM EST for installing some new features.  We repeat, the game servers will be down from Midnight tonight, Tuesday the 23rd until 6 AM.

 Not that we’re up to something, or anything…