Arakis’ Quest – the 6LP Quest Results

Wow, this Quest easily holds the record for most delayed.  That’s kind of ironic since all the entries only had 6LP.  These were some fast-moving files, and high aggression was (usually) the name of the game.  The poor NPCs didn’t stand much of a chance, and in some cases, neither did the finalist test deck.  Soooo here we go!

There wasn’t much Falkow to be seen in the finalists, but all the other spheres were well-represented.  Gowen was the big winner this time, with Refess taking a back seat with its usual tank-erific domination schemes.  This most likely stands to reason, as Gowen, being efficient with its resource usage, taps into the 6LP model well with its typically aggressive approach.

Our winner hasn’t been entering these contests for long now, and this is his first time as a finalist.  You know, I sometimes use the masculine pronoun because I’m playing the odds, but somebody correct me if I’m ever wrong with my usage.  Thanks.  Okay, so it was a variant of Gowen rush that won the day this Quest.  This one is all about the sphere level:

Iczer: wayne3
File Name: Little Gowen


  1. Dryad Soldier
  2. Fighter Pixy
  3. Fighter Pixy
  4. Fighter Pixy
  5. Efreet


  • 1 Miracle Fruit
  • 3 Combat Monk
  • 3 Highland-born Hunter
  • 3 Bellydancer / Kurina
  • 3 Knight Apprentice
  • 3 Heierrat Revolver Bladesman
  • 3 Brave Soldier
  • 3 Fire Arrow
  • 1 Ball of Flame
  • 2 Salamander


  1. SolidCake
  2. KeiSZ
  3. alvisto
  4. Witsburg
  5. BurnBabyBurn

This starts off looking familiar enough.  It’s Kurina, followed by Combat Monk, and then the Hunter.  After this, though, the similarity to the usual (pre-set 6) Gowen rush starts to fade.  Instead of relying on the first soul card to get the opening cards ranked up, the player sets Gowen to 5 manually.  Salamanders are included to help pick off weakened/low HP enemies, and at some point something will die off and trigger the Dryad Soldier soul skill.

Now, the Gowen level is at 8.  Just one more click, and everyone else in the file is able to rank up as well.  The end game is a run of Knight Apprentice, Brave Soldier, and Revolver Bladesman.  If all three of these can hit the field ranked up, it’s a force to be reckoned with.  One has to be careful not to stretch his LP liability too thin with all those units on the field, but the intent is to win the game by overwhelming one’s opponent before all that LP is gone. Assorted damage grimoires help bolster the firepower.

The soul skills compliment this build quite nicely.  At a high Gowen level, three Fighter Pixy souls are usually going to mean multiple field wipes.  Finally, the Efreet at the end helps pick off anything big and/or heavily armored that the rest of the strategy can’t handle.  In addition, Bladesman has the Charge skill for a similar effect.

There are some big weaknesses here, to be sure.  Cyclone (and by extention, Primclone) is among them.  Miracle Fruit helps give you a shot at at least partially dodging that, but it’s often luck of the draw whether it works.  A Fierte soul skill can also hurt this badly, but not stop it completely since most of the cards are low level to begin with.  The upside of this deck is that, like many Gowen rushes, the rarest card is a 3*, and two copies of her come with the Gowen starter anyway.

Congrats to all our winners, and thank you to everyone who entered. The Quests continue to be popular, and they’re going to keep going for the foreseeable future.  I would comment on the next Quest, but it’s already running!  It’s proving to be a very interesting one, too, and we’ll hopefully get to that and be back on schedule come next week.  Thank you for waiting patiently for these results, and see ya next time!


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