Arakis’ Quest – The Single Copy Quest 1/4/10 – 1/18/10

It’s a new year, and a new Quest. It feels like it’s time to try something really out in left field, and maybe prove a point in the process. It’s a commonly-held belief, and not an unfounded one, that to build a successful card file in Alteil you need full playsets of the cards therein. This means, in nearly all cases, 3 copies of each unit. There are a few units that work with just 1 or 2 copies, and grimoires are of course a different story altogether. What say we turn this standard on its head?

You can use any cards you want, but you can only include one copy of each card in your submission. This includes soul cards, so in other words, all 30 of your file’s cards must be unique. No repetition or overlap. I suspect this is going to be a big challenge, because field presence is quite hard to maintain if you’re not allowed to revive via extra copies.

Harvest4god gets the bonus prize for first coming up with this idea. This won’t be easy, Iczers, I know. It may even become an exercise not in which file wins, but rather which puts up the best fight before the inevitable defeat. But don’t listen to me because I’m sometimes wrong. Maybe you’ll be the one who figures out some insane combo of cards that proves this can be a viable idea after all. I look forward to any and all attempts.

Please reference the main contest page for further general info, and once your existing or theoretical entry is together, send it to me at You have until noon EST on Monday, 1/18, to submit. Get cracking!

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