Arakis’ Quest – the 6LP Quest 12/7/09-12/21/09

In our last installment, you Iczers had to jump through a lot of hoops to come up with your contest entries. The odd thing is, I received a record number of entries despite this. That doesn’t change the fact that many players found it difficult to build a file around such a detailed set of guidelines, so this time we’re simplifying things.

You can use any _play_ cards you want. Nothing is off limits. However, every soul card you use must only have 1LP. That means your entry will have 6LP total (including the 1 you get by default) Your soul cards can be in any order. Just bear in mind, your file will probably burn fast and furiously so you need to account for the timing of your soul skills. Also bear in mind that initial testing is done against NPCs, and an NPC opponent will, in my experience, always Iczer attack if you give it an open field and it has enough SP and units fielded.


Geta gets the credit for this bonus prize. Try to be creative, but above all, make your file strong. It should ideally be able to hold up against a variety of opponents in a Folrart arena environment. I’d also like to reiterate that only one entry is allowed per player. This means that if you have more than one account registered under your name or email address, only submit one entry using one of those accounts. For other rules clarifications, please refer to the main contest page, or feel free to ask me.

Get your existing or theoretical entry together and then send it my way — You have until noon EST on Monday, 12/21, to submit. Enjoy!

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