Remember, remember, the 5th of November…

I know what you’re all thinking… It’s the holiday season, the big day is coming close. Yes, it’s almost that time you’ve been waiting for all year. Just thinking of all the kids, too excited to sleep because they know it’s right around the corner… it brings a tear to my eye. That’s right! It’s Guy Fawkes Day!  WOOOOOOOOOO!

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5 of 7: Have a Blast With Free Exploding Spore!

It’s about time for another 5 of 7 event!

This time, everyone gets 3 point cards and a free EXPLODING SPORE in honor of Guy Fawkes Day!  Play from Monday, November 2nd to November 8th!  Plus, four GRAND PRIZE winners get ANY RARITY 3 card of their choice!

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Mod Gowen Starter – The Counter to Guardian

The Counter to Guardian BeforePart 4 of 4. Here it is, my last article on countering Guardian. I saved Gowen for last mainly because Gowen will have the hardest time with a Guardian deck. In fact, Gowen should dread seeing a Guardian file as it is built mainly to counter attack rushing decks. (The entire purpose of Gowen). First you can see the starter Gowen deck. Guardian will chew this up, swallow it, and still have room for more. However, all is not lost, there are some ways to overcome the Guardian. To be fair though, they are not pretty, and they all require time and energy, so be prepared for a battle. So let’s get started. There are mainly just 2 ways to counter a Guardian deck with Gowen, remove the Guardian from the game or to slug it out.

Let’s go over the easier of the two, the removing the Guardian from the game. Now, the next part of this section can be used for any sphere but I saved it for last and on Gowen cause you will almost always see this in a Gowen deck. Assassin or Salamander Soldier soul cards. They are lethal to a Guardian, since you can usually trade a level 1 card to send the Guardian to the Cemetary, making them have to recast it. If you are really good with the timing I recommend having two in your soul card lineup. The drawbacks are, of course, you are losing lp just to get rid of their Guardian.

Now, this is going to be the long section cause there are multiple ways to do it. But it’s time to slug it out with Guardian. Enter Berserker. He has the ability put HP=0 to a random card in range at the cost of sending himself to the Cemetary. Since most Guardian decks only have Guardian on their front row (mainly because they want it to take damage) you can usually use Berserker, plus he’s a 1*. However, the drawback. Your rival is going to see it coming and might be able to counter it since Berserker only has 20 HP, plus if you use the skill you lose the Berserker and would have to recast. If you have no other cards listed here, then Berserker is an option, although not even close to the best one. Now, the most common counter is going to be Mercenary. He’s 1* and has the potential to do massive damage. However, to set up the high damage takes at least 3-4 complete turns without Mercenary dying. I find he is usually the best option since he is great  against any deck. You can also increase his attack using a magic weapon to shorten the amount of time it takes to get him super powerful. You will also want some units in front of the Mercenary to absorb some hits to give him a chance to get the attack up. If you do not have Mercenary, Monk of the Single Strike can also do the damage.

Now on to the Grims, Fire Tornado and Fire Arrow. these have the ability to take out a Guardian in one hit, but they will require high Gowen levels. Also, don’t rely on Fire Tornado by itself since it attacks random units, this should only be used toward end game when you are starting to really struggle and you are praying for a miracle (sometimes prayer works). Fire Arrow (with Gowen sphere of 8) can one hit kill a Guardian, since grims will go off before start skills, but like I said a sphere of 8 is high and is usually sp better spent elsewhere. Another option is to just throw out units and start hacking away at the Guardian. It’s going to hurt and your going to need some meaty units to absorb  damage, but you can slug it out with a Guardian and win (but its not going to be a common experience) usually you will lose. The last option is also something that can be used with any sphere but since Gowen is usually a rush, this works best with Gowen. The Efreet soul skill (the card is different for each sphere) can do 20x your sphere level to one unit. Since base for most Gowen decks is 5 spheres, this is 100 damage to the Guardian, resulting in a kill. Once more though, you are losing lp to kill the Guardian, not always the best option.

The Counter to Guardian AfterAs you can see, Gowen is always going to struggle with guardian. It is not impossible to beat, but you are going to be sweating every time. Let’s look at the file I think works best against a Guardian file. I have traded the archers for 3 Mercenaries. I have changed the soul card line up to have two assassin skills and an Efreet in there. I make sure I got 3 Salamanders in there for the assassins and added another Fire Arrow. By combining the effects of the Soul Cards to the slugging power of the Mercenary, you give yourself a chance to wipe your rival out.


ED. NOTE – Mercenary and Monk of the Single Strike are available in the Beginners Pack

First Blog post! Halloween Costumes 2009

Now that the Alteil Halloween costumes are all done, it’s time for the non-Alteil related costumes!

Since this year Halloween falls on a Saturday a few of us showed up to work in our costumes. Lupos has been slowly acquiring the parts of his awesome Dee Snider (from Twisted Sister) costume, while AnnaTheRed and I decided this year to be splicers from the game Bioshock.

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Halloween Avatars!!!

We have two Halloween styled avatars for sale in the shop. Purchase with gran or fight money and don a Pumpkinhead round the arenas. You can look just like the Pumpkins from Ogre Battle or just like Pumkinhead from that Pumpkinhead movie. You can find the Pumpkinhead under the hair button in the avatar shop. The other item is a Pumpkincat available as Moral Support. So go grab them now because they’re only around to buy for the weekend.

Happy Halloween from everyone here at Alteil.

9 P.M. on NBC – Card Flip Theater

Whoops, the pony express has sent out our notification late and our Card Flip Theater Caption Contest or CFTCC for short has slipped to Wednesday We made need to upgrade our postal service to mail by rail. In honor of our nation’s most ghoulish day of celebration, we’ve putting up Halloween version Devouring Lizard and Vicious Raptor in a head to head, no holds barred, steel cage challenge!!! Actually… we’re just asking you to make some funny dialogue for them. The usual rules apply…

  • Please keep the comic to a single frame, although multiple frames will be accepted, the goal is to create comedy with as little as possible.
  • Do not modify the cards by adding things or drawing over them. You can stretch, re-size, skew, and rotate for purposes of this contest though.
  • 4 point cards will be awarded to the winner on Friday at noon, a week from today. 
  • Send your submissions to
  • You can find more rules, info, and inspiration here.

Caption Contest 8

Right click and select save that Halloween inspired link as..

CotF: EX: Azure Dragon – East / Vordore Results

(For the period of 7/30/09 – 8/12/09)

Just a quick note for those who may have realized that a week has gone by without the new Challenge of the Fortnight. Since we’re a bit backlogged on judgment, we’ve decided to take a week or two to get caught up. But don’t despair. The next fortnight will likely come sooner than one would expect, especially me. But enough about me trying to judge. Here’s the actual judgment of a challenge that took place too many fortnights ago.

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AGI 3 Community Tournament on Oct 31st

It’s about time for a new Community Tournament based on the Arakis’ Quest Contest.  This one is AGI 3 cards ONLY.  Now, this is the most restrictive limitation to date, so expect to see a lot of creativity to squeeze out combos under serious pressure.  And if you want to sign up but don’t have enough AGI 3 cards to make a deck without multi-sphereing, remember that many of your peers will have the same problem, so don’t let it hold you back.

The tournament is on Saturday, October 31st at 1 PM EST.  You can read the rules and sign up on the forum thread here.

As always, there will be prizes.

First prize is  50 Gran and 10 Point Cards

Second prize is 10 Point Cards

Runners Up get 2 Point Cards

Everyone who enters gets an additional 2 Point Card

…and if you enter the Arakis Quest contest also, you can end up with even more point cards for your trouble.