Logress’ New Player Guide

Being a newbie is tough. Let’s face it, no matter how good the starter decks are, if you don’t know where to begin it can get frustrating really fast. To make things as simple as possible, I’ve decided to create a basic turn by turn guide for the first few turns of each Starter Set, and some variants. Hopefully this will get you rolling and the momentum will turn you into a great Iczer. Note, these strategies do not involve messing with the current cards, or switching out your Soul Cards.

Falkow Starter

In the early game you’ll want to use Rapier Fencer of Regus as your main card, backed up by Song Sorceress to make up for his low AGI. The Fencer gives himself a big Attack bonus based on his AGI, so when Song Sorceress raises his AGI to 7, it’ll bring him to 70 AT and let you take out almost any other low to mid level unit in one shot. By continuously attacking first and putting down one of the enemy’s front row units, you don’t give the enemy time to attack, and also force him to waste SP reviving. In the mid game you’ll want to tank with Sea Hunter and take out specific enemy units with either Magic Scythe Soldier or Swallow Scout, and in the mid-late game you want to have Vordore out. You’ll make him go first with Sylph’s Open Skill, have him use his special ability to buff the rest of your crew. They’ll attack and overwhelm the enemy forces. Repeat this as many times as you can. Gowen units dish out a lot of damage and don’t have a lot of HP, so it’s almost always a good idea to bring out Sea Hunter first instead.


-Sample start-

First turn, set Haste Soldier in the front row, because reviving him won’t cost SP you’ll save SP for later.

Second turn, set Song Sorceress in the far back, so she can buff your Rapier Fencer later with Song of Magic.

Third turn, set Rapier Fencer of Regus in the front row.


-Alternative start-

Skip first turn, second turn set Sea Hunter.

Third Turn set Rapier Fencer.

Fourth Turn set Song Sorceress, or Sylph the Fencer if you need his offensive power immediately.

Lawtia Starter

You’ll want to get out your two big tanks as soon as possible, Moonlight Warrior and Crest Regenerator Knight. To get the SP, you can start with low level sacrifice units, like Leonardo, Shade and Cemetery Rats. The Rats’ open skill should let you hit the enemy hard even with low level units. In the mid game use Magic Shade Soldier for her first strike capability, and because her Close Skill drains SP and makes it more difficult for the enemy to bring out more level 3 units. In the late game time your Assassin Soul Skill to go off when you have something weak, like a Shade, to sacrifice, and use it to get rid of your opponent’s key card, like Vordore. Use your Grimoires like Soul Bind and Life Conversion to limit your enemy’s abilities. In the end game, bring out Dalos and use the SP you get back from your mid-game units going to the cemetery to perform several field-wipes in a row with his Triple Attack ability. Also note, on a turn where it’s dawn during the Set Phase, place a Lycanthrope and he’ll get his first chance to attack at night.

-Sample start-

First turn, set Lycanthrope[Leonardo] in the middle row on either side (not in the center), he’ll get his first attack when it’s night, and he’ll obliterate any other level 2 card from any Starter Set, giving you an early advantage.

Second turn, set Shade on the other side of Leonardo (not in the center), this will disrupt the enemy’s ability to save up SP. Let anyone who gets Closed go to the Cemetery, because you’ll need the SP.

Third turn, set Moonlight Warrior in the front row.

Fourth turn, either save up for Crest Regenerator Knight, or place Magic Doll in the center of the middle row, so she gives an AT bonus to Leonardo and the Shade.

-Alternative start-

Skip first turn.

Second turn, Set Moonlight Warrior in the front row.

Third turn, Set Crest Regenerator Knight in the front row.

Gowen Starter

This Card File takes advantage of all the powerful lower level cards in the Gowen arsenal, and their ability to Rank Up. You’ll want to Rank Up cards as soon as you can, having cards out without Rank Up is essentially wasting their potential. To do this, keep your Gowen level at 2. Use Salamander early and put him in the front row. When he dies, let him go to the Cemetery and this will trigger your first Soul Card, which will give you +3 Gowen level, enough to Rank Up all your cards. Then, bring out Samurai Girl. She will hit the enemy hard, and if you have her in the second row with Highland-born Hunter in front of her, she’ll last and last. Only use her Slash ability when you’re sure burning 2 SP won’t hurt you. When the Hunter goes to the Cemetery, replace him with Devouring Lizard. In the end game, use Grimoires and Firestorm Wyvern’s Open Skill to hit the enemy hard, and overrun him with your remaining units. Don’t be afraid to use Soul Skills to wipe the enemy field and go for Iczer attacks. Play fast, and don’t be afraid to sacrifice units, except the Lizard. Keep him around as long as you can.

-Sample Start-

First turn, set Bellydancer Kurina in the first row. Her ability to Revive for 0 SP will help save you SP in the early game.

Second turn, set Combat Monk in the front row.

Third turn, bring out Salamander and put him in the front to die and trigger your first Soul Skill.

-Alternate Start-

First and Second turns, same as above.

Third turn, skip or play Salamander, but put him in the back.

Fourth turn, raise Gowen to 3 and put out Samurai Girl. Once your first Soul Skill raises your Gowen level to 6, you can lower it back down to 5 by bringing out Gaia Anaconda.

Refess Starter

The Refess starter has one big advantage, Folrart Knight Captain. He buffs nearly all of your units just be sitting on the field, and he’s a decent fighter, and he can bypass armor. Folrart also strong ranged attackers, and a very solid front line, but it’s a bit week on speed. Establish a front line early, with Blessed Acolyte and Folrart Knight Captain. Then buff them even more with Priest of the Holy Word, but if you find it difficult to turn over enemy units, don’t hesitate to bring out your Folrart Spear Knights. The secret is holding out as long as you can, so use Will o Wisp, Raise Shield and Blessing to preserve your units. Avoid using expensive action skills to early, save your SP and hit hard later when the enemy is starting to run out of steam. To finish off the enemy, use Zagar’s Slash if they have a crowded front line, or Folrart Dual Wielder if the enemy has a lot of ranged units, as her Sword Dance ability can hit the enemy no matter where they are. This set up can live or die by Folrart Knight Captain’s buff, so if you’re on your last copy of him you might want to just move him to the back and have him rest rather than lose him.

-Sample Start-

First turn, set Blessed Acolyte in the front row, but not the center.

Second turn, set Will o’ the Wisp and uses his Open Skill on the Acolyte. Remember that this also increases his recovery rate when using Standby. Set the Wisp in the front row to use as a sacrificial pawn. If the enemy has no range, you might want to use Kesaran Pasaran instead. Have him attack until you have a chance to Skip a turn, then use that SP to generate more.

Third turn, set Folrart Knight Captain in the front row.

-Alternate Start-

If you skip the first turn, you can put out two level 3’s in a row. Since Refess has some of the best level 3’s in the game, this can be a big advantage. You can also opt to get out the Dual Wielder early, if her speed will make the difference and you’d like the option to use Sword Dance. However, burning SP on special attacks in the early game almost always causes problems for Refess later on, and then you’ll only have Zagar for end game damage.

First turn skip.

Second turn, set Folrart Knight Captain in the front row.

Third turn, set Folrart Paladin or Folrart Dual Wielder.

Fourth turn, set Priest of the Holy Word if you need buffing, or Blessed Acolyte if you need more fighters on the field.

Okay, so I hope that will give everyone some ideas in what to do with the starter sets. Remember, this is mostly for new players, and was not really meant to teach anything new to our master Iczers. However, if one or two of our masters are reading this, you might want to consider giving this link to any new players you run across.

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