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System Requirements:
We support IE 5.5 SP2 or better, Firefox 1.x or better, Opera 9.6 or better, Chrome 1.x or better, or Safari 3.x or better. All browsers require Flash 7 or better. Multiple users on one LAN are not supported. Stability may vary depending on computer and Internet speed.

If you’re getting disconnected during a game or chat, please try the following instructions.
* We are not responsible for individual connection problems. We suggest you contact with your Internet provider for further assistance.

Reinstall flash

  1. Open Control Panel >Add or Remove Programs
  2. Select Remove next to Adobe Flash Player Plug-in and Adobe Flash Player ActiveX
  3. Install the latest flash player from the URL below.

Download Flash here

If you’re playing Alteil in Internet Explore 7, depending on the setting on your computer, it may force you to quit IE.

Reinstall the latest flash
Download latest version

Update your computer’s OS
Open Start menu > Windows Update and follow the instructions

Clear cached data in Internet Explorer 7
Open Start menu > Open Settings > Open Control Panel > Internet Options > General > Click delete Browsing History > In delete Browsing History, click Delete All


Open Internet Explorer 7 > Click Tools > click delete Browsing History > In delete Browsing History, click Delete All

Try using a different browser such as Firefox
If you’re still getting disconnected, visit our Contacts page and email the appropriate person. Please make sure that you include the information below.

  • Subject line: “Connection Problem”
  • Your computer’s OS
  • Your computer’s CPU
  • Your computer’s memory
  • Your computer’s flash version
  • Your computer’s video card
  • Your computer’s connection (what kind of connection, speed)
  • Error message (if you get any)

Business Hours:
Monday-Friday, 10 AM to 6 PM EST, except holidays.

If we receive your support email during business hours, we will respond that day.

Some problems may take longer than others. However, if you don’t receive a response in a week, there’s a chance that we did not receive your mail. Please resend it.

Lucky Iczer Top 5

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