Shutdown Message

It’s time to put the print on paper… Uh, words on a screen? Digital bits on the interwebs? Alright, whichever it is, here goes…

Alteil US is officially shut down.

There, I said it! <deep breath> I don’t have much to add from my previous farewell message. That’s probably because I’ve spent most of the time since I wrote that with my head down working. As I said then, about when we decided to wind down, I was given a bunch of opportunities in my non-Alteil career that I couldn’t turn down. I was thinking the two week extension would give me some time to hang out in chat and get my thoughts in order – but actually things picked up even more for me in the past two weeks. Also, my infant daughter has just learned to crawl, so – CHAOS. In any case, to minimize the risk of say something inelegantly now that I already said much better before, I’ll keep this short.

I want to thank everyone again for sticking with us through the Alteil project in all its stages, evolutions and incarnations. I hope everyone had good fun along the way, some interesting peeks behind the curtain, maybe met an online gaming buddy or two, or otherwise got something valuable from your time here. All of us at Apocoplay and Core Edge Japan certainly did, and that, most of all, is why I’m always thanking all of you. Iczers, I salute you!

I will keep the Facebook page active, and I’ll post any news on other Alteil related projects. The Alteil Japanese team, Core Edge Japan, is still at it, and I’ll still help them out any way I can and give them access to my translations and game data, so it might be worth it to check back every now and again. But until then…

This is Logress, the last survivor of the Nostromo, signing off.

New Shutdown date May 15

Hey all, we finally got the servers happy again. Everything got knocked out of wack when one disappeared. It turns out when you’re in the process of shutting down your team tends to get on with their lives – which involves stuff like getting new jobs or taking on more freelance work that make it way harder to help out Alteil in case of, you know – an emergency. Not that such a thing ever happens…

More importantly, this fix allowed me to get the 1 FM for 3 copies of all the cards pack up in the shop. So, everything is free. And so you can actually have time to do something with this, I’ve moved the shutdown date to May 15. If there’s anything you’ve ever wanted to try, now’s the (only) time! The pack is in the Card Shop and called EVERYTHING MUST GO.

In other news, I’ve been difficult to get ahold of lately because I’ve been working on my non-Alteil career. I had planned on doing it after the shut down, but a bunch of opportunities came up and I had to jump on them. Unfortunately, in my line of work opportunities are pretty rare, so missing one is often the end of your career forever, and I had to jump on it. It’s been keeping me crazy busy and on 3 hours of sleep a night, and that did not help fixing the above server situation much.

In other ALTEIL news, I have no immediate plans to move forward with any Alteil-related projects personally, but an image of the game will still exist, as will all the game data and account data. The JP team is still working on Alteil projects, and just maybe working on a new version of the game that rhymes with ‘Bandroid’. (You didn’t hear it from me.) I also am advising them on this project that may or may not exist. Should it be completed, they will have access to all my translations and data for an English language version. If you’re interested, I’ll probably post on the Alteil America Facebook page if there is any developments!


A Message from Logress. Of Doom!


Since I started on Alteil in 2007 – oh, wow that’s 10 years ago – I’ve had a lot of jobs. I’ve been a GM, the game manager, the game producer, the project manager, the product manager, one of the game designers, a programmer… I’ve pretty much done everything at some point. But, no matter what hat or hats I wore there was only one goal – make Alteil successful. Since all of you are here, and many of you have been with me for a good chunk of the ride, I’ll give you all a bit more of an explanation.

Working to make Alteil a success, we’ve poured over a lot of data, and we’ve spent a lot of time talking to all of you. we’ve also consulted professionals up and down the stack – game designers, product people, game economy specialists and marketers to name a few. Also keep in mind this game was once owned by Coreedge, then Media Blasters, and then GamePot before us, and I was able to either access the data or speak with the data manager from each of those companies. We’re not the types to make decisions lightly! There are a lot of things that make a game work, obviously, but for Alteil the numbers are surprisingly consistent. Alteil’s ‘Silver Bullet’ (as shared is by most similar games) is bringing in a steady stream of new players – spending less money on each then the average income per player.

Having a stream of new users seems pretty simple, at least in theory. You can, of course, increase the turnover of new users into consistent users – and even into paying users – but this is only effective up to a point and you start seeing diminishing returns. Even the cheapest form of paid advertising is significantly too expensive to fit the formula, although I’ve been told that for big budget games an advertising budget can reach the critical mass that makes it worth it. Long story short, for indie games, it’s all about getting the traffic for free – generally this involves getting a lot of free press. We actually had some success with the press, as you can see by are relatively nice list of quotes from gaming sites and such that we put in places like the Steam store page and our Kickstarter page. However, that never translated into any traffic for us.

The other way to get free traffic is good word of mouth. This is one area where some bad calls on my part hurt us. Not that lots of mistakes weren’t made! We made plenty – and by that I mean that _I_ made plenty! But mistakes can easily be turned to your advantage when you learn from them, something we’re _totally_ experts at by now. But the one time Alteil legitimately took a hit from my mistakes was with good word of mouth – we didn’t get much, and since it’s something that generally originates from ‘launches’ and ‘firsts’ it would be an uphill battle to get a significant amount at this point.

Lucky for us and many of the great indie game companies in business today, there is Valve. Valve had an unbelievably generous plan for those willing to release a game on their Steam platform – they offered free traffic. Not just a little free traffic, either. Games were seeing half a million views every other month on the Steam store. A small game like Alteil could thrive and grow on those numbers with ease. Like I said, it was unbelievable generous… and also, completely unsustainable with the huge volume of games flooding the Steam platform on a daily basis. I knew that going into this, but I had hoped they would be able to keep it up for a few more years, enough time to either build up a self-sustainable player base, or at least come up with another plan. Unfortunately, luck was not on Alteil’s side, and Valve changed their system only a few weeks after Alteil launched on Steam. I don’t blame Valve for it, and it’s very important not to think they’re the bad guy or something — actually I’m quite thankful and impressed they offered the traffic for the time they did; so many great indie games thrived because of it.

All the improvements we could make wouldn’t count for much without our Silver Bullet. It was just bad luck, but the situation with Steam has in many ways put Alteil back on Square One. For almost a year we’ve focused our efforts on getting on the Steam platform, and put our finances in pretty rough shape so we could make it happen.

So after the Set 14 launch, we went over all the numbers, looked for hints of any trends and mapped some possible trajectories. Even before taking the sorry state of our resources into account or the amount of time to pivot, it looks like there isn’t anywhere promising to go. Obviously, there are still things to try, but the chances of success are low and costs are high. Even something free but would just take time would end up being a problem because of the monthly server bills pilling up. And while we were doing all of this our LLC has encountered a bit of possible legal trouble – unrelated to Alteil, but something that could escalate and cause it problems. In addition, in the past year each of our remaining staffers has had at least one major life and priority-changing event. I won’t speak for my fellows, but I can tell you I had one good – the birth of my second child – and one bad – my father suffering a pretty severe stroke.

I promised not to give up on Alteil until we had tried everything within reason, but it looks like after ten years of playing Alteil, we’ve finally run out of cards. As of today, Gran will no longer be for sale. Alteil will remain operational for the next 90 days, and for the last month we’ll make it a free-for-all, with everything in the shop costing 1 FM. On May first, the Alteil Horizons servers will cease operation.

I’ve said this so many times over the years, but what made Alteil worth it was all the amazing players we met along the way. On behalf of the entire Alteil team, Coreedge Japan, and my family, thank you for taking this journey with us. It has been an honor.



5 of 7 rewards out

By now, everyone should have their 5 of 7 rewards! email if you’re missing anything!



Gran fix and DLC

Quick note, if you’ve been having any problems buying Gran today, they should be fixed now. If there are any outstanding issues, email

Also, the Steam DLC is up in the Steam Store. It’s a really good deal! 5 bucks gets you 5 Flower of War packs and 300 gran plus some other stuff. If you don’t normally use the Steam Client, you can just load it up once to cash in the DLC and get the cards, and then when you return to the browser, everything will be there.

IMPORTANT – Some STEAM USERS have reported an issue where the new cards don’t appear in the steam client. You must navigate to C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Alteil Horizons\browsercache and clear that folder to fix the issue, or try the browser version at



We are Go For Set 14

Just a quick reminder, here’s what’s happening right now!

-Flower of War will immediately appear in the Shop, treasure battles, the lotto, and the free daily lotto.
-In fact on launch all players will have bonuses to get new Flower of War cards in battle!
-The 4 beginner’s Pack Steam DLC’s will be 30% off, which makes them less than 7 bucks. Remember, these each come with 500 Gran on top of the pre-built deck and other goodies!
-FM bonus +50% FM all weekend
-Material bonus +50% To material rate / rarity all weekend
-Card Shop Pre-built sale All Horizons Core Legal Pre-builts normally priced at 1500 Gran will be discounted to 990 Gran through the weekend. — This includes Dragons and Dolls, our two newest pre-builts
-There will be a new STEAM DLC – Flower of War Combo Pack – includes 5 packs at a discount plus an exclusive Ishtar Avatar, 300 Gran, 5 Point cards and a Draft ticket.
-Holiday Avatar BG available in the shop this weekend only for 1 FM
-Flower of War 5 of 7 – Starts Friday – 20 Point Cards for participation, and a copy of the 3-star Cursed Spear Master Anri for completing 10 or more battles!

To preview all the cards, you can hit the “?” next to the Flower of War Pack or Boxes in the Shop, or click on the ‘All Cards‘ tab in the File Editor and search by Expansion – ‘Flower of War’.

Remember, Flower of War is available now in the shop (Gran only — FM prices in two weeks) and treasure! Come take a look!

New Horizons Card Expansion: FLOWER OF WAR Launches Friday December 23rd

The Great Betrayer, Durendal has fallen to the Land of the Dead – and taken over!
Having wrested control over the Land of the Dead from King Zugateroza, Durandal commands the armies of the dead to march! The limitless waves of undead crash against the walls of both the Solar Kingdom of Folrart and the Duchy of Crest! Having never before witnessed such evil, the Mercenary Kingdom and the Barbarians break off their war and join forces to assist the kingdoms to the north in their battle against death itself!
This is a new chapter for the Realm of Lavato – FLOWER OF WAR

-All New regular 60-Card set!
-The entire set launches as HORIZONS CORE LEGAL, changing the landscape of Core dueling instantly!
-Flower of War is also Set 14 according to Legacy numbering
-New Mechanic — Create a card in target area — lets you summon a card that’s not in your deck.

-Flower of War will immediately appear in the Shop, treasure battles, the lotto, and the free daily lotto.
-In fact on launch all players will have bonuses to get new Flower of War cards in battle!
-The 4 beginner’s Pack Steam DLC’s will be 30% off, which makes them less than 7 bucks. Remember, these each come with 500 Gran on top of the pre-built deck and other goodies!
-FM bonus +50% FM all weekend
-Material bonus +50% To material rate / rarity all weekend
-Card Shop Pre-built sale All Horizons Core Legal Pre-builts normally priced at 1500 Gran will be discounted to 990 Gran through the weekend. — This includes Dragons and Dolls, our two newest pre-builts
-There will be a new STEAM DLC – Flower of War Combo Pack – includes 5 packs at a discount plus an exclusive Ishtar Avatar, 300 Gran, 5 Point cards and a Draft ticket.
-Holiday Avatar BG available in the shop this weekend only for 1 FM
-Flower of War 5 of 7 – Starts Friday – 20 Point Cards for participation, and a copy of the 3-star Cursed Spear Master Anri for completing 10 or more battles!

The Cursed Legions are on the march!
In Folrart, Lapierre retires and passes on the holy sword Lantylit to the young protege Ishtar. But her unhealthy obsession with the Emperor of the Silver Sun, Verlaat, brings a new dark side to the Shrine Knights. A new group of nobles rises to power in Folrart, who align themselves with the imperialistic ideals of their Emperor. Hailing from the neighboring kingdoms saved from the undead by Verlaat, they owe him total allegiance and make his power unimpeachable.
Balheart, the general of the strongest Barbarian tribe, Leleua, decides to break off his war with the Mercenary Nation and lead his Barbarian armies north to aid the Solar Kingdom against the undead. He calls for the aid of generals and high ranking warriors from allied tribes, famous for unpredictable battle tactics and abilities beyond imagination!
Meanwhile, the rebuilding Wizard kingdom has begun assembling new Paladins, including the shocking Thunder Paladin Rudolf, and deadly Flash Swordswoman Sistine. The true identity of the Cursed Legions’ leader is not lost on them…
Meanwhile, ground zero for the rising undead is Crest! The last defender of Crest, Yug, has new armies and purpose fighting the limitless waves of the Cursed Legions.
Without the master of all undead – Undead King Zugateroza – the Cursed Legions bow to the Wizard Kingdom’s ultimate traitor — Durendal! True Immortal Durenal now has the power to take on the four great nations of Lavato, all at the same time!

Watch this space for card previews!

New Feature: Legacy Challenge

Hey all,

As we’re hunting down any possible remaining bugs, we’ve been trying to sneak in feature requests here and there. For example, the CARD SHOP now has a SEARCH feature. It is very handy in the Singles section where you buy individual cards, because it can easily have over a thousand options to look through.

But our newest feature is LEGACY CHALLENGE. Some users with very large card collections have requested having something to do with all their non-core cards.  The Legacy Challenge is a feature where if you build a Legacy deck with limitations, then you can get treasure as if it was a Core battle (meaning, much higher treasure rates and rewards), and the limitations will change weekly.  For now, there’s just one limitation. 50% or more of the deck must be of a specifically chosen Legacy Expansion (chosen at random each week), although based on player feedback we might add more.

For more information, you can now mouse over the little symbols on the left side of your deck in the Card File Editor. There you will see the sphere symbols as you always have, and also the Core symbol, but I’ve added a Legacy symbol, and also a Legacy Challenge symbol if you deck is valid for the current Legacy Challenge.

So, this week’s Legacy Challenge is…KEEPERS OF CHAOS! That’s right ladies and gentlemen, start your Rubens!



Black Friday Sale

The Annual Alteil Black Friday Sale is here!

New Pre-built! MAGIC DOLLS – with Sumer! 1500 Gran launches at HALF PRICE on Friday


New Pre-built! GOLDEN DRAGONS – with Bastandora! 1500 Gran launches at HALF PRICE on Friday


But, that’s not all! we also have

AND – Steam versions of the Magic Dolls and Golden Dragons packs, that includes a bunch of bonus gran, avatars and tournament tickets on top of everything else*

But that’s not all, for the first time in …a while… there will be NEW CARDS FOR SALE – the previously Kickstarter Exclusive EX: SLAVE OF BATORA Pack

Reckless Immortal Helcuras
One of the toughest to kill level 3 units ever seen, and one of the hardest hitting. Counter Skills like his are triggered whenever he gets hit and survives, allowing you to counterattack immediately!

Poison Lover Rosetta
Rosetta has the unique power of forcing an enemy unit to spend his turn attacking a unit of your choice. It must be one of yours, but considering the number of cards that have special powers that trigger when they are hit or killed, and also that having control over when your units die also gives you control over when your Soul Skills are triggered, this is a great strategic asset.

Lord of Wei Kanyu
Kanyu is a powerful destructive force all on his own. His Cry of Wu, unleashes an aura of power that can literally destroy those who hear it. Not only is it targeted, but it also bypasses armor, and is used each turn automatically in addition to his normal skills. Add that to his multi-attacking action skill, he’s quite capable of killing three enemies in one turn!

Warped Genius Albert
A cruel scientist, Albert makes for a multi-purpose debuffer in your deck. His ability to erode Max HP makes it very difficult for the enemy to tank your front line, and can spell the end for unliving units like Undead.



*Because of low price, cards cannot be resold in Steam DLC of pre-builts

Updates 11/21/16

Hey all,

Last week actually had three separate updates and upgrades, but they were a bit smaller than what we’ve been doing lately so I decided to sum them up in one post.

-The ‘Timer Bug’ should be fixed now.
-Some users were having trouble battling in a Draft tournament, this has been fixed
-the ‘no soul skill’ crash bug
-general stability tweaks

-Singles Card Shop – you can now mouseover the card image to see the standard mouseover of the card, with skills and stats.
-Card Shop – There is now a glowing ‘Question Mark’ icon by the description all of all packs, boxes, prebuilts and anything else that contains cards. Clicking on it brings up every possible card you can get in that product. If it’s a fixed card product, like a prebuilt, you’ll also see the number of copies. Mousing over the cards gives the card details as normal.
-You can now EXIT a draft. There is a little ‘x’ in the upper right of the draft bar in arena. Simply click it, confirm ‘yes; and you will exit an incomplete draft. This allows you to ‘cut your losses’ and keep your drafted cards as if you had a 0/5 record, without wasting any time or losing any RP. It works well if you don’t feel you have the cards to build a good enough deck, or if you drafted such good cards you want to have them in your regular collection right away. You keep your cards, but the draft ticket (draft packs) is not refunded.
-Draft Packs now will almost never have duplicate commons, which should make building a deck a lot more fun — NOTE, due to the nature of this fix, it will be phased in over the course of the week.

I’m actually making a pretty good dent on the old to-do list, so if you seem a Dev in chat or in game, be sure to give us your ideas for improvements and new features! You can also, of course just email